Barriers to do Marketing in China

There are many barriers in doing marketing in China. Baidu, not Google, is used by 87% of China’s 500 million Internet users for search, but Baidu’s advertising management system is completely in Chinese. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are blocked in China. More seriously, on average, 17% of foreign business’ websites are either completely or partially not accessible in China at any given time, this can happen to any type of business. Mobile marketing is very important in China because China has over 1 billion mobile devices, but China has its own mobile app stores and mobile ad networks.

Glogou China Marketing Solutions

To help a business to overcome all barriers to do digital marketing in China, and to reach China potential customers effectively, Glogou Inc. developed turnkey solutions for China marketing. The solutions combine innovative technologies together with professional services. Those technologies include: world 1st English web interface for Baidu’s advertising platform (Glogou Endu), so that a business can run search engine marketing on China’s top search engine; a cloud based software service (Glogou TWINS) which automatically sync contents from a client’s Facebook, Twitter, Youtube accounts to China’s equivalent top social media, Weibo, Wechat, and Youku. Glogou TWINS enable a client’s social media marketing messages reach Chinese population with no time delay. The Glogou TWINS software service also integrates automatic and human translation service;

Glogou China Marketing Services

Glogou turnkey China marketing solutions also include professional services based on its unique technologies. Glogou’s China search engine marketing services include keyword optimization for Baidu, Chinese landing pages creation and SEO for China search engines. Glogou’s China social media marketing services include account setup, content creations and promotion for clients on China’s top social media, Weibo, Wechat, and Youku. For mobile marketing, Glogou provides services to localize mobile apps to China market, and promote on China’s app stores and run mobile advertising for clients. For those websites that are not accessible in China, Glogou provides technical solutions to make those websites accessible to China’s vast Internet population.

Glogou China Marketing Turnkey Solution

helps businesses run effective marketing in China

China Marketing Turnkey Solutios

Glogou WAVE (Web Accessibility and Visibility Evaluator), a cloud based software service that monitors the accessibility of a website in China. It also monitors the visibility and interest level of a product in China’s web presence and social media. Glogou WAVE can provide valuable insight on where a business shall direct their marketing effort in China.

Glogou “Across The Great Wall” China Marketing Technologies and Services

Break Down the Barriers to Reaching the Growing China Market

“There are many intimidating barriers for a business when they decide to market their products and services in China. However, China can be a very lucrative and important market for many businesses”, said Iris Huang, co-founder of Glogou Inc. “Glogou understand all the pains and barriers to marketing in China. Glogou’s turnkey China marketing solutions will ease the pains, break all the barriers, and enable a business run successful China marketing campaign and to get more customers from China.”

"Most American advertisers need assistance to buy ads from Baidu and other Chinese ad platforms that operate only in Chinese. Glogou sounds like it fills an important need for these advertisers," said Benjamin Edelman, associate professor of business administration at Harvard Business School.

Edelman said Glogou's products are important because they can also help Chinese advertisers.

"In a world where only Google offers multilingual ad management features, American advertisers will likely resort to buying only Google ads to reach Chinese users. That would reach only a small portion of the Chinese market. Services like Glogou can help incumbents gain more ads and more revenue, thereby increasing their ability to keep the Chinese search market competitive," Edelman said.

“In the five months since we launched our Chinese site (with Glogou's help), we’ve had 8,000 visits from the China geographic area,” said Paula Ansara-Wilhelm, co-founder of Surterre Properties. “In the four years prior, we only had a total of 7,000 visits.”

Glogou help you to achieve highest conversion rate for your China marketing campaign. Often non-Chinese business found that conversion rate for their China campaign is low. Many reasons could cause this. For example, landing page maybe not China friendly, webpage does not address the common questions people in China care most, creative texts(or banner) are not attractive to Chinese, keywords are not optimized for Baidu, etc. Glogou help you to improve all of those.

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